Our History

Annuity Transfers, Ltd. was established in 2003 following the passage of federal legislation regulating the sale of structured settlement annuity payments. The company’s Founder and Managing Partner, Bob Thompson, was a committed proponent of the consumer protections built into the legislation, including fair pricing, judicial approval, and a best interest standard. Annuity Transfers’ absolute dedication to honest customer service and its immediate access to funds was unique in the industry. Not much has changed since 2003. Annuity Transfers relies upon its reputation for customer service and efficiency, as demanded by the company owners who deal directly with each valuable customer. Having closed thousands of transactions since 2003, they have never employed a commission sales force or delayed funding while waiting on an “investor”.

Annuity Transfers has continuously supported legal and regulatory efforts aimed at improving the customer experience. Annuity Transfers is a member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers and has served on its Board for the past 6 years. They believe strongly that accessing the future value of a structured settlement is a legitimate and important financial option but will not purchase payments unless the transaction is clearly in the seller’s best interest. Annuity Transfers recognizes that the typical seller of settlement payments has changed since 2003. He or she previously knew very little about the law governing the process and little or nothing about pricing. Today, customers are more aware of their options and expect to receive all legal protections. Annuity Transfers has consistently educated and protected customers since 2003. This customer first philosophy worked in 2003, has worked for 15 years, and will work in the future.

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